Finding Keywords for Your Blog Posts


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Hey you! It's Jessica from the lifestyle blog! Oh how excited I am to share this next blogging video bundle with you in the video bundle series!

You'll learn in this bundle how I optimize SEO and search rankings by nailing down keywords for my blog posts that will maximize the potential to show up in search engines. (AND Pinterest... to kill two birds with one stone.)

• In the first video I'll show you how to figure out what your keyword (phrase) should be, if you know what topic you're going to write about in your blog post. 
• In part two, it will show you how to search for keywords to figure out what to write about and what your readers want to read about! 
Friends, when I started paying attention to this and started implementing it... my referral traffic SOARED! Pinterest was once my #1 referrer of pageviews to my blog, and that scared me.  Why? Because what if Pinterest disappeared one day? What if they changed the algorithm one day and my traffic tanked? My pageviews would be obsolete and my income would tank. But now, my #1 referrer is GOOGLE and I owe it all to SEO and keyword optimization! 

Side Note: Although my goal was to increase SEO and search engine traffic, I love to kill two birds with one stone while I'm doing keyword research and head to Pinterest too (since it still does well today) to see if I can maximize keyword potential on there too for each post! Why not hit two different angles while you're at it, right?!

I can't WAIT to show you how I've done it! 

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Finding Keywords for Your Blog Posts